Tour Bus Rental in the Chicago Area

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Tour Bus Rental

Do you want to check out the city of Chicago? Maybe you have a tour in mind for the suburbs. Either way, you can see the sights, enjoy excellent food, and enjoy yourself. To get the most out of your trip, consider getting a tour bus rental. A1 Charter Bus helps you create the perfect experience for your group.

Our experienced drivers know how to take you around the city going to top hotspots throughout the area. Whether you want to check out Chicago museums, sports arenas, or neighborhood hot spots, you want to choose a tour bus rental that knows the city.

Furthermore, many of our tour bus drivers live out in the suburbs so that they can help you with a tour through almost any adventure in the burbs.

Let us make your tour bus more enjoyable

Over the past 10+ years in business, we have been fortunate to drive over 50,000 happy customers. Every bus rental you take with A1 Charter Bus is an opportunity for us to over-deliver on the experience. Let us do the same for you.

Receive the same quality experience on our buses includes:

  • Overhead Storage to keep your seats clear for easy entry and exit
  • PA System to communicate clearly with the entire group
  • TV monitors, DVD, and CD players for the full media experience
  • Wi-Fi (upon request) when you need to stay connected
  • Device Plugs to keep your mobile devices charged
  • 5 Star Safety Record because your safety is paramount
  • Onboard restroom (56 Passenger Motor Coach) for a relaxing ride

Furthermore, we include a driver who has experience driving to your outing locations, and the safe driving record to get you there safe and in style.

Additionally, let us know if you need a professional guide to join you on the trips.

Over the years, we connected with several qualified guides who can add some pizzazz to your adventure. They can provide educational and entertainment information during the tour as well as guide you through your event with less hassle.

What are the tour bus rental advantages?

Have you ever been on a group trip where the leaders tried to take on everything themselves? The trip might be a success, but the leaders seemed to age years by the end of the event. It is too much to handle if you do not manage a tour group on a regular basis.

Stop trying to save a few bucks when you can pool your groups’ funds together for a quality bus rental. Then you can take a trip with a reputable charter bus company who can help you have a fantastic time. Save some gray hairs for another hassle and find out how A1 Charter Bus can help you with your next excursion.

Contact us today at 312-541-2222 to schedule your next tour bus rental today. Our team wants to ensure your next trip goes off without a hitch.