Wedding Transportation in the Chicago Area

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Wedding Transportation

Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life. Everybody wants the same thing: to enjoy the day. In order to get the most out of your special day, avoid unnecessary distractions by arranging your transportation. That’s where we come in! Hire A1 Charter Bus for your wedding transportation and put your party and guests in the good hands of our professional drivers.

We offer classy, reliable and creative wedding transportation that won’t break the bank. Our experienced drivers can take you anywhere you need to go in Chicago or neighboring suburbs.

Our wedding shuttle is also perfect for:

Rehearsal Dinners

Get everyone to and from the restaurant safely and at the same time! With us, there’s no need to wait for stragglers.

Bridal Showers

What could be more fun than getting all the girls together to travel as a group to the shower? We can also provide transportation for dress fittings and salon treatments!

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are huge celebrations. Don’t spend your evening monitoring how much your guests have had to drink. A1 Charter Bus will be your designated driver.

What are the other benefits to using our coach buses?

Travel Safe

With our wedding shuttle service, none of your guests will be driving under the influence.

It’s easy to get carried away while celebrating and have one too many at a wedding. We transport your guests in our wedding shuttle, so they’re not getting behind the wheel.

Worry not, everyone can relax and focus on what’s most important- celebrating your love! Hire us for all of your wedding events for a safe and memorable night, every time.

Everyone Can Stay Together

Don’t waste a second trying to count everyone.

When you rent a shuttle bus for your wedding, you’re making sure that your nearest and dearest family and friends stay right by your side for the whole day! Why travel separately when you can be making memories on the way? With our wedding shuttle, guests will have time to bond over those candid moments that often happen outside the formality of the wedding or reception. Have a little fun with your loved ones! They’ll cherish being included in all aspects of your day.

It’s Inexpensive & Fun

We provide luxurious and cheap wedding transportation.

Travel in style without having to take out a second mortgage! Our motor coaches are comfortable and can drive you anywhere in Chicagoland for an affordable price. Transportation for a wedding doesn’t need to be a hassle or financial strain. With costs this low, you can pamper yourself in other areas. A headstart for the honeymoon fund? A special gift for your wedding parties? A nice “thank-you” dinner for the bride’s parents? The savings are all yours.

When it comes time to plan your special day, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower, let us take care of your journey. It’s a fun, inexpensive, and responsible way to make your wedding festivities as memorable as possible!